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Child Care, Hesperia, CA

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    A New Beginning FFA

    Child Care, Hesperia, CA

    A New Beginning FFA was established to provide comprehensive services to dependent children of the Juvenile Court. This program focuses on our children. The purpose of A New Beginning  FFA is to provide for the care, supervision, and well being of these dependant children. Providing necessary needs, and services which we hope to provide those children in placement with the kind of services and training which will meet their identified needs.

    This Foster Agency will work with children with possible histories of abuse(s) and concentrated efforts are made to provide all children in placement with educational classes and learning opportunities. It is hoped that these services will afford these children with the opportunity to gain a greater understanding. In order to accomplish this task, the Agency will insure that in addition to the other services provided to those children in placement, that all children placed receive on-going training. Some methods utilized to accomplish the Agency's purpose include:

    • Trained Foster Agency personnel
    • Supervision of all placed children
    • Medical staff will be made available as needed
    • The utilization of community resources to further support and enhance the learning provided to those placed.

    The goal of A New Beginning FFA is to ensure these children are provided with a continuity of care, nurturance and services, which will meet their individualized needs.

    We Serve in Hesperia, CA.

    We also offer:

    Preschool, Child Development, Adoption Process, Placed Children

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    There are 81,174 children in foster care in California alone. Of these children 28.6% are between ages of zero and five, 28.5% of foster children are between ages of six and twelve, 41.7% of foster children are between ages of thirteen and twenty-one. The average number of birthdays a child spends in foster care is 3 birthdays (36.7 months) and nationally. 2 birthdays (28.8 months) Don't let them wait. Make a difference in their lives and give them the family they deserve!